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Proper Aeration of Your Lawn

The regular aeration of your grass allows the air, water, and other nutrients to properly access the ground below. Lawnworks of Joliet Inc. will help your yard stay healthy.

•  Allows your lawn to “breathe”

•  Deeper root systems

•  Increased effectiveness of fertilizer treatments

•  More resistant to disease, insects, and drought

•  Proper ventilation

•  Receptive to nutrients

Many benefits to aerating your yard

Core aeration creates thousands of small holes in your turf, allowing fertilizer, water, and air to properly reach any roots within. This will also reduce any thatch buildup and soil compaction. By removing "plugs" of grass and soil from your lawn, it will get the proper ventilation it needs.

Understanding core aeration

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Lawnworks of Joliet Inc. has been serving the residents throughout the Joliet area since 1988.

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